About me

akrewson2mugdwI’m Andria Krewson. I’ve worked in newspapers for 28 years, in design, line editing, copyediting and technology design and development. Much of that time has been spent in local, community niche publications. In April 2009, I left The Charlotte Observer after 24 years for a year of freelancing, consulting and continuing to learn, every day. I returned to The Observer in March 2010 as editor of Lake Norman News and Cabarrus News, two niche community sections with focused paid and unpaid circulation.

I’m a graduate of the University of Georgia (back in Herschel Walker days), with a major in journalism and a minor in business.

I occasionally update a small blog for my in-town Charlotte neighborhood, Under Oak.

This site was created for Deb Aikat’s “Global Impact of New Communications Technologies” class in the fall of 2007. The class was part of the certificate in communications and technology program at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina. I wrapped up the program in May 2009.

This site’s a place to share ideas about journalism and new tools, including social media and education to pass along smart journalism thinking to others. It started with a focus on new ways to pay for journalism in a changing world. In addition to fulfilling class requirements, this place allows the sharing of ideas about new developments and experiments in journalism. My semester research proposal is here.

The primary, continuing questions: “How should societies pay for journalism? What is a journalist? What is news?”

Particular areas of focus include:

  • community news, especially sustainable news, online or in print;
  • social software, primarily for building networks and connections among smart crowds and audiences
  • how people interact with the technical tools of their jobs, and how those tools can be easier, attractive and useful for all
  • sustainability of quality journalism, whether it be generated by big media companies or volunteer neighborhood bloggers;
  • and trying to get some sleep occasionally.
  • You can find me on Twitter, as @underoak or the more formal @akrewson, Delicious, LinkedIn and on Facebook. I’m actively seeking clients in consulting or freelancing. Reach me at akrewson45cATmacDOTcom.

    (Edited: August 2010)


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    1. Hi Kiddo,

      I hope all is well with you in Charlotte-town. Let’s chat! Please send a hello at clawing@charlielawing.com or charlielawing.gmail.com .


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