Making it from Scratch: A Knight News Challenge proposal

scratch logo

Scratch, my proposal this year for the Knight News Challenge, is submitted. This link is to a backup version, as the news challenge website can get overloaded. Version 1.0 is there too if you dig deep. Thanks to Lisa Williams, Leslie Wilkinson and Paul Jones for early feedback.

And by the way, someone should hire Leslie, soon to have an MBA in May 2010 or so. She sliced and diced the first proposal, and she ought to be a VC.

Later thoughts will come if time from this proposal, not the least of which is an examination of the early vision from leaders of CCI. They were willing and even happy to sell their knowledge and build a cadre of superusers outside their company. Long term, that strategy seems doubtful. Shorter term, it caused almost a revolution in how newspapers are produced. At the time, the vision was meant for good. Longer term, results remain to be seen.

Anybody want to be a CTO? From Charlotte?


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