About those three-a-days: Admitting future failure

Just three days ago, I started on a challenge to post three times a day here.

Now I’m acknowledging future failure, as I look forward to a short, full workweek ahead elsewhere.

So far, I’ve learned:

  • There is no shortage of ideas.
  • There is a shortage of good ideas and unique, researched content with context.
  • There is a shortage of time. I don’t have Hermione’s Time Shifter.
  • Frequency matters for traffic. Promotion matters. The time allotted to marketing and promotion should equal the amount of time creating content. That’s a scary thought.
  • Unlike two-a-day sports practice, you can bank things online. That will guarantee I can at least do one-a-days.
  • “Feeding the beast” is an appropriate term whether you’re talking daily newspapers or blogs.

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