Finding World Cup 2010 images: Searching outside the usual places

Demotix photo sharing site

The Demotix photo and video site takes a 50 percent cut of image sales.

Late Saturday, as the World Cup soccer games paused for a moment, I searched for images from the games and the spectacle through TwitPic and Flickr for a class assignment at P2PU.

To search Twitpic images, I used PicFog, an interesting, new (to me) tool.

As you would expect, Twitpic photos from the World Cup most resembled snapshots, and the best stuff was on Flickr, all rights reserved. A couple of Flickr groups, like the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 Impressions, have Getty Images managing or owning quite a few of the photos.

What remains true: “Fast, cheap or good. Pick two.”

And in some ways, it seems we’ve grown accustomed enough to new tools to know how to place and protect quality, creative work.

Of course, exceptions happen, like the use of TwitPic just after the Haiti earthquake, as a quick, available tool to transmit photos. Use of those photos led to cease and desist letters and a lawsuit.

Pricing and marketers’ percentages, however, still remain in flux, and some say out of whack.

Demotix, a site where photographers and video creators can upload their work to seek paying clients, actively sought contributors in one of the Flickr World Cup groups. The Demotix site offers a view around the world of important events in a visually pleasing way.

Demotix takes a 50 percent cut of any sales. That number is low compared to what some are saying the general Getty percentage is for photos licensed through a new deal with Flickr. Getty takes 70 percent, it appears, for some photographers.

The Getty and Flickr deal has some professional photographers concerned about falling prices for their work. I’m sure sites like Demotix could also be troubling, just as some professional writers have been concerned about “citizen journalists.”

We shall see what comes next. Anyone selling any photos through Flickr and Getty?


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