10 more for #followwomenjournas (student edition)

Here are 10 more people for #followwomenjournas on Twitter.

These are current or very recent students. I make no apologies for the list being heavily weighted toward UNC.

I’m sure there are others out there. Find them through listening or participating in #collegejourn, a chat run by one of these students, or by looking through the following lists of these people.

I’m willing to bet I left off someone at the @dailytarheel. If so, apologies. You all deserve to be followed, to get some sleep and avoid #H1N1.

@americaarias, (America Arias): News assistant @ KABC-TV. Los Angeles. Recent journalism and political science grad from Cal State Fullerton (CSUF). News junkie, loves politics.
@ewstephe, (Emily Stephenson): UNC senior, @dailytarheel community manager, Star Heels dancer, Jane Austen fan.
@jmestepa, (Jessica Estepa): Storyteller. Student. News junkie. Multimedia editor at @UNR_Insight. Does various other journalistic things. Loves mountains, reading and you. Nevada.
@kelseyproud, (Kelsey Proud): University of Missouri convergence journalism senior (graduating in May!), behind the curtain for @Journgasm, looking for her first job.
@ljwilkinson, (Leslie Wilkinson): MBA student at UNC, recovering newspaper designer, boomeranged back to the east coast after a year and a half in Los Angeles.
@mkellen, (Kellen Moore): UNC senior and managing editor at the @dailytarheel.
@poorstudentnomo, (Jess Shorland): UNC-Chapel Hill college student from Virginia. She’s posting updates on her progress paying off $40k in student loans in 12 months. I’m not sure she’s a journalism student, but her blogging efforts qualify, for me, in this case.
@saragregory, (Sara Gregory): student at UNC-Chapel Hill. @dailytarheel’s managing editor for online. She’s quarantined from the student paper at the moment because she might have #H1N1.
@sarahsodyssey, (Sarah Jackson): Freelance writer, journalism student, info junkie, meticulous observer, curious soul. She’s pursuing a career in feature and financial journalism. Now in Surrey, British Columbia.
@suzanneyada, (Suzanne Yada). Runs #collegejourn chat on Twitter, created a semester global project for student journalists focusing on health. San Jose State University.


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