10 for #followwomenjournas

I don’t particularly like lists of people. Someone is always left out.

On top of that, I always wonder how the list will be used. Some journalists are particularly suspicious of lists because the weight of unwanted email or Twitter pitches weighs heavily on their minds. Yes, they want to interact with sources and readers, but they also must balance their lives.

Still, I love the effort by Kevin Sablan and others to list women journalists on Twitter, and the use of the #followwomenjournas hashtag. It raises the profile of some voices that easily can get lost in our society’s tendency for men to follow men, and women to follow men.

At the same time, I’m ambivalent about the idea of lumping women together in a separate category, marginalized on the side. I’m overcoming that feeling, because promotion of these women’s voices is necessary, still, in our society.

And I’m channeling some old lessons from designer and coach Monica Moses, who took the idea of marginalized people (in that case, long ago, newspaper designers), lumped them together and made them powerful when united.

And I’m making a list because from Twitter Day One For Me, in early 2008, I’ve made a conscious effort to keep my Twitter “Following” list diverse.
My initial list of women journalists was way too long, about 90 people, so I decided on 10 at this time, as a sort of #followfriday.

@anndosshelms (Ann Helms in Charlotte): Covers education for The Charlotte Observer. Reach her at ahelms@charlotteobserver.com
@AprilBethea (in Charlotte): Mecklenburg County government reporter at The Charlotte Observer. Would love to hear your ideas. Email her at abethea@charlotteobserver.com.
@CBJgreennews (Susan Stabley of the Charlotte Business Journal): Growth and Environment reporter for the Charlotte Business Journal. Tweets both live coverage augmented with context at Charlotte City Council meetings and almost never forgets a hashtag. Her secret: browser tabs, already open to the context.
@Celia Dyer (in Atlanta): Founder and Executive Producer of a blog (TechDrawl) about technology startups, licensed dentist, tech junky.
@DanaChinn (in Los Angeles): A journalism prof who’s convinced web analytics will save news organizations.
@EricaPerel (in Chapel Hill, adviser to Daily Tar Heel): She’s a mom, a journalist, a McClatchy survivor and now a journalism educator. She recently did a Q&A with Andy Bechtel.
@KaylaC (Kayla Castille in New Orleans): Managing editor of WDSU.com in New Orleans, news junkie, book lover, overall fangirl (formerly of Charlotte).
@LauraLeslie (Raleigh): Political reporter for N.C. Public Radio. Covered the N.C. General Assembly with tweets like the dew.
@Mallarytenore (in St. Pete): Journalist, The Poynter Institute. Did a thorough job writing about the newspaper columnist who tried to jump to public relations but goofed.
@Telie (Tannette Elie in Milwaukee/Chicago): Social media enthusiast, independent journalist, former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel business columnist and soon-to-be entrepreneur.


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