Filtering, networking and reverse publishing — in science

The 2008 N.C. Science Blogging Conference was last weekend. The conference highlighted amazing free information on the web, linked and shared through a variety of ways, including the conference’s wiki.

The conference has a heavy dose of participation from Science Blogs, supported in part by Seed magazine. The networked circle of science represents one new way of aggregating and filtering information beyond the traditional methods of big-company media sites. NYU media professor Jeff Jarvis has pointed to Glam for doing the same thing. I think Science Blogs serves as a better model for distributing, sifting and making findable strong content than sites like Glam. Ads play a supporting role, rather than being the goal.

And conference organizers are also demonstrating a new model of sharing strong content with “reverse publishing,” creating a downloadable or paperback book of the best science blog posts of 2007. You can read the background of how the idea came to be at Bora Zivkovic’s A Blog Around the Clock. The “publisher” of the compilation is Lulu, and the editors are Zivkovic and Reed Cartright, with input from the readers of Zivkovic’s blog.

More interesting links from the conference here.
A quick look at one of the science blogs for an earlier class assignment here.


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