Sorry, Ivko, I don’t want more Facebook ads

Someone sent me a Facebook application from a company called Chainn. It allows Facebook people to give testimonials for each other, create “a circle of trust,” compare friends and ask for advice.
And probably, eventually, it would give me ads based on those results.
The website says, “coming soon: With Chainn API (beta) you can access services derived from data gathered by chainn apps, in accordance to Facebook Terms of Service.”
I assume “services” is another word for ads.
Still, the developer, Ivko Maksimovic, and Chainn and his previous company, Vast, are intriguing examples of how technology has changed global communications. Ivko worked at a newspaper for a couple of years, where he got “indispensable experience working in rush, pressure and large team,” according to his LinkedIn public profile.
He went to high school in Belgrade. He lives in the Dominican Republic. In 2006, at age 29, he was CTO of Vast, a classified ads startup based in San Francisco. You can read more about that venture here, in a story about “micro-multinationals.” The article notes that outsourcing isn’t just aimed at India anymore — it could easily be Montana.
But I’m sorry, Ivko. I like your concept of a circle of trust, but I want to control it. Of course, I expect the Disney ads to come flowing into my Facebook space any day because of my love of quizzes. But enough’s enough.
And I hope the rest of us can learn from you and your company’s ideas of running viral companies.
From the beach, or anywhere in the world.


2 responses to “Sorry, Ivko, I don’t want more Facebook ads

  1. Hey, thanks for treating me like a celebrity, but I’m far from being the only one responsible for Chainn’s success.

    Although money is very important, we’re not so much of an advertising company. Our main goal is to create fun and useful products for our users based on their emotional relations and interactions.

    The purpose of our API is to share public data with other developers. Private data is never shared, published, sold or given – and that includes our API. We think this is a win-win because while others can use our experience, we increase the importance of Chainn.

    On the other side, we take user’s privacy seriously (read: we take user’s privacy seriously). We proved this already but removing questionable features or products immediately after they met with angry users.

    Anyhow, stay tuned. The best features are yet to come. And yes, straight from the beach.

  2. Thanks, Ivko, from the beach.
    It’s great to get an update, and the power of social networking is endlessly fascinating.
    We’ll see where it leads as this Millennial generation grows older.

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