Shifting legal sands

Josh Voorhees at A Newspaper with Infinite Bureaus and David Shabazz at Write for Freedom tackle the changing legal ramifications of the Internet.
Josh focuses on privacy issues and David bores in on defamation.

I appreciate the clear, concise way both writers explained the background of these important issues. I’m also impressed with the quantity and depth of the links they both provide for further study of the issues.

I’d like to add a twist to one fear that Josh lists about privacy: identity confusion, as well as identity theft. People with common names run the risk of being confused with someone else — I’ve seen this confusion happen on Facebook for my daughter. If someone with the same name is “tagged” in a photo, the photo can appear on my daughter’s profile. Similarly, some bloggers have taken precautions to protect their online identities, using Claim ID. Here’s an example, from Mindy McAdams, who teaches at the University of Florida.

As the defamation rules evolve and debates continue about anonymous postings at forums and blogs, I’m glad both writers have provided summaries and links with context amid shifting sands.


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