Idea Lab launches

Media Shift, PBS and money from the Knight Foundation help launch a new idea incubator at MediaShift Idea Lab.

The site looks like it will be a great place for examining how to support and find quality, objective journalism online. Its focus is on the process and the questions — other newly announced sites like ProPublica and The Center for Independent Media say they’ll provide the journalism. Almost all of the new ventures have some form of foundation money, except for a new private effort, MinnPost, in Minneapolis.

It feels as if we’re entering a new stage. Hold on tight.

Update: MinnPost had a jump start with Knight Foundation money, as Howard Weaver pointed out in comments. Details from Ken Doctor at Content Bridges: Founder Joel Kramer says, “We have 186 annual donors totaling more than $63,000 right now, on top of the 4 founders who gave $850,000 and the Knight grant of $250,000.”

Kramer told Doctor that MinnPost did not set a specific membership target for 2007, but did make a projection in its Knight Foundation application, a prediction of 250 annual members contributing $75,000.


2 responses to “Idea Lab launches

  1. I think MinnPost has $250,000 of Knight Foundation money in it, too.

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