The five best and worst sites, Part III

Today’s best: Nine Neighbors, a filtering and aggregating tool for local blog readers in Boston with clean, elegant design. At the moment, it appears as if there are only five neighbors, but I guess it will grow. How found? Followed a link from a comment at Scott Karp’s Publishing 2.0 blog from Rick Burnes. He made a smart comment on a post, “Should newspapers become local blog networks?”

He said: “I don’t think local news organizations are going to get very far by simply publishing more content, which is what the effect of a blog network would be.
Folks already struggle with an abundance of content. The way to help them (read: generate revenue) is to find ways to organize/filter that content for them.”

Worst: N.C. Blogs, which has been around for a very long time. This site is the most comprehensive aggregator of North Carolina blogs, but will eat hours of your life if you let it, without lots of concrete, useful information. The site has not had a design update in quite awhile, and it shows. I love an aggregator if some thought has been given to taxonomy and organization; you can search this site by geography these days, but it has grown to the point that it needs more classification of content.


One response to “The five best and worst sites, Part III

  1. Thanks for the nice post.

    If you have any feedback on 9Neighbors, we’d love to hear it. We only just launched the site, and we’re iterating on it rapidly.

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