The power of tags and site metering

I used these tags in my post about “The five best and worst sites, Part I:”
Apple, blogs, chuck, nerd herd, software, technology.
Between 2:57 p.m.  and 5 p.m. on Saturday, I received hits from Los Angeles; Jid Hafs, Bahrain; San Francisco; Dumbravita, Timis, in Romania; and Falkirk, Caldercruix in the United Kingdom.
In the initials of the younger folks, OMG.
So now I’m puzzling, and just might have to experiment later. Was it the tags that drew hits through WordPress? I’m new to the software, and I’m wondering whether Chuck from the Nerd Herd is that popular, or perhaps the draw was the word “Apple.”
Or did web crawlers (otherwise called “spiders”) go and seek the content that used the word “stock” right after the word “Apple?”
Either way, I recommend anyone experimenting with WordPress in the class to try the power of tags, in addition to categories, if you’re not using them already.

And if anyone has recommendations for site-metering software that works well with WordPress, please share. I’m using Site Meter now, and I don’t get lots of details.


2 responses to “The power of tags and site metering

  1. lesliewilkinson

    i was wondering about wordpress’ tags out front and how much of an impact those would have on traffic. i guess i’m wondering if maybe wordpress might have been a smart choice for just that reason… but, I used a few tags on some of my first posts and have had visitors who found me thru technorati, even though I’ve checked all the “don’t add my blog to your roll” boxes I can find.

    even though i’ve tried to keep the blogs a little quiet, it’s simply amazing to know how quickly and how far the reach really goes.

  2. I used site meter on one blog I made before this class, but I haven’t added it to my class blog. Have you clicked on the By Details link under recent visitors. It is interesting to see the list of all the recent visits to a site and then click on the detail number for more info.

    I haven’t done anything with tags. I think I’ll look into that a bit more.

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