Welcome, y’all

Welcome to Global Vue, a blog about how online tools are changing journalism and our society.

This place is for Dr. Deb Aikat’s class, “Global Implications of New Technology,” in the University of North Carolina’s certificate program in communications and technology.

New technology allows us a chance to see things in different ways, from broad and narrow perspectives, and with surprising connections between local and global views. This blog will focus on how people are using the new software for real reporting and journalism, in ways that perhaps the software creators didn’t anticipate.

One of the real values of the new technology is the ability to talk with each other. So please do. And thanks for visiting.


7 responses to “Welcome, y’all

  1. Hi Andria – I like your idea – reminds me of how the creaters of html never meant for it or thought it would be used by anyone but programmers (or at least that’s what I heard :)) Look forward to reading more! ~Marcie

  2. Amanda Toler Kelso

    Is that Google Earth I spy?! I love Google Earth. 🙂

    Very clean look to your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  3. It’s actually Terraserver, which also has topographic maps. My house is in the top middle of the image … I guess I could’ve saved some time not playing with it in Photoshop, but I couldn’t help it…..had the itch.
    May post a small “about the banner” blurb on a sidebar….Amanda, if those images in your header have real stories, can you share?

  4. Andria,
    Sounds like our research topics have some crossover, it will be interesting to see what you discover and compare notes:)

  5. Yes (and underoak is an old name for Andria)….
    Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to focus and narrow this blobbie research idea. Maybe, Lisa, we can figure out how to divide it up as time goes on….

  6. nope, not colliding with me this semester. not that i don’t love the local journalism. i was just ready to spend a little time with the politics. maybe that’s cause i’m not running the political show this fall… it can’t be withdrawl already! 🙂 nevertheless, looking forward to reading what all you discover, both here and over on oinnovate.

  7. Andria,

    Thanks for visiting my blog!! I’ve actually met Mary Schulken before. The first weekly paper I worked for was a part of Cox and she was working for the Daily Reflector. We had a lot of seminars there and I ran into her a time or two. She probably wouldn’t remember me though. I was, and still, am just an amateur!! I remember her though.

    I really like your blog so far. It’s very inviting. Look forward to reading more.

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